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Favorite Things of 2006

Here are a few of my favorite product discoveries of 2006. Some have been around for quite a while, and most are (shockingly! gasp!) not even perfumes. (I’ll get a seperate best of list up for this year’s releases later on, but I wanted to play with all the other cool kids for the “favorite […]

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10 Rejected Limited Edition Christmas Fragrances

1. Proposed fragrance: Lancome’s It’s a Christmas Miracle
Reason for rejection: Prohibitive sales opportunity. Christmas miracles only happen on 34th Street.
2. Proposed fragrance: Burberry’s Red-Nosed Reindeer
Reason for rejection: Proved popular with a focus group, but as it turns out, the resource for red-nose reindeer musk is extremely limited.
3. Proposed fragrance: Givenchy’s Mincemeat Pi
Reason for rejection: Everybody […]

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The sunlight broke brightly on Danielle’s pale golden body. She felt solid, durable, yet her very essence remained transparent to anyone who looked.
She was new on the scene. Convinced she could she prove she wasn’t too soft for the ruthless perfume game, she regarded her sweet nature as an asset. Danielle swiftly sought to work […]

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Interview with the Interviewer

In a recent story for the NPR program All Things Considered, correspondent Susan Stone visited the Osmotheque, and interviewed the legendary perfumer Jean Kerleo. I had a chance to ask her some questions about that experience, her own perfume obsession, and chat up about some oldies but goodies.
What were your expectations for visiting the Osmotheque? […]

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Fake Food? Pretty Much Rules.

I’m taking a little time out from perfume stuff to share a recipe today. When digging through the cookbooks to find some holiday baking ideas, I rediscovered this little gem. Its components are artificial, highly processed… and delicious. I’m the sort of dork who serves Cool Whip rather than real whipped cream, too. Fake food […]

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Comments Off

I’m not sure this was the best headline, but it seemed appropriate somehow. The latest rounds of my Made by Blog fragrance make it seem as if we’re in full gallop of something breathtaking.
To say the very least, I was thrilled with them.
You can read more about them in my letter to Laurent directly at […]

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Maryam’s Soap Nook

Maryam from Maryam’s Soap Nook recently sent me a small selection of her handmade products to try, which I am more than happy to talk about. There were two products that really stood out to me:
One is her rich whipped body butter in the Ginger Cardamom scent. The fragrance is sweetly filled with fruity tones […]

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Site News, and Random Linkage

* Internet Exporer 7 is pants. I’m not sure what the deal with it is, and thus, my apologies to those of you who are using it to browse this site. That browser, and that browser alone, makes the comments appear screwy, and I don’t know how to fix that yet. I’ll keep at it, […]

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Warts and Not Quite All: A Brief Biography of Jacques Fath

Upon the occasion of the infamous Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog’s listing of the collected archives of Jacques Fath, I figured a brief choppy history of the man and his house might be in order. Of course, I am sure I could do a much better job of it if anyone would like to loan […]

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