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Judith Muller ~ Bat-Sheba

Judith Muller’s Bat-Sheba (alternatively listed as “Batsheba” or “Bat Sheba,” and “Batsheva” or “Bat Sheva”) provides a great example of how easily excellent perfumes of the past can be forgotten, even amongst obsessive perfume and bottle collectors.
Her perfume house (listed in a 1968 business directory as Bat-Sheba Perfumes) was Israeli, based in Haifa, which makes […]

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Looking closer at blog ethics and perfume blogging

You may have read in the past few days about a little tempest of sorts regarding the existence of perfume blogger payola and swag. (Due to a family emergency which I prefer to keep private, I have been unable to spend much time reading on the computer, and was not aware there was any drama […]

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Coty L’Ambre Antique, and With Love… Hilary Duff

Ambre Antique is one of the earliest fragrances sold by Francois Coty. Ambre Antique was first introduced in 1905, and sadly, production of the fragrance dried up long before many of us were even born.
A brief glimmer of hope for resurgence appeared during the 90s when Bergdorf Goodman sold limited edition versions of classic Coty […]

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Words Fail Me… Sort Of.

(Sorry for the lack of updates as of late… I’m got too many balls in the air at the moment, but articles will be coming shortly, I swear!)
This is not a perfume or flavor related post, and I avoid being “political” here usually, but I think regardless of your own political or philosophical persuasion, you’ll […]

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Thierry Mugler Angel… and the Seedlings of What Undoubtedly Will Become a Saga of Serious Chocolate Addiction

I’ve long demurred from reviewing Thierry Mugler’s Angel, not because of its quality, but due to its ubiquity. Mugler’s extreme fragrance succeeds to the extreme.

As a consequence, rare is the perfume enthusiast unfamiliar with it. Angel cannot be avoided by those seeking to learn about perfumes any more than is the unavoidable figure of Bismarck […]

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Guerlain Jasmin

“Is jasmin, then, the mystical Meru - the centre, the Delphi, the Omphalos of the Floral World? Is it the point of departure - the one unapproachable and indivisible unit of fragrance? Is jasmin the Isis of flowers, with veiled face and covered feet, to be loved of all, yet discovered by none? Beautiful jasmin! […]

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This & That: Valentine Shopping, Snow, Guerlain L’Instant Iris Millesime, Fath Chasuble

Firstly, I have to share my excitement about the Valentine’s Day present I picked out for my husband. I wanted to get him something different, something new: a gift he’d never received before. He is in for the surprise of his life this year.
On February 14th, I’m going to give him The Clap!
However, if gonorrhea […]

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Escada Pour Homme has listed some items at sale price, though it’s kind of unoffficial since there’s no actual sale page yet. Most of the discounted fragrances are out of stock already, but they’ve still got Escada Pour Homme at a great price! $12! I bought two! (Hoarding, always hoarding. If only Chaucer had known a perfume […]

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The sunlight broke brightly on Danielle’s pale golden body. She felt solid, durable, yet her very essence remained transparent to anyone who looked.
She was new on the scene. Convinced she could she prove she wasn’t too soft for the ruthless perfume game, she regarded her sweet nature as an asset. Danielle swiftly sought to work […]

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Interview with the Interviewer

In a recent story for the NPR program All Things Considered, correspondent Susan Stone visited the Osmotheque, and interviewed the legendary perfumer Jean Kerleo. I had a chance to ask her some questions about that experience, her own perfume obsession, and chat up about some oldies but goodies.
What were your expectations for visiting the Osmotheque? […]

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