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Maryam’s Soap Nook

Maryam from Maryam’s Soap Nook recently sent me a small selection of her handmade products to try, which I am more than happy to talk about. There were two products that really stood out to me:
One is her rich whipped body butter in the Ginger Cardamom scent. The fragrance is sweetly filled with fruity tones […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I was waiting for a stroke of inspiration to hit me for a Thanksgiving-themed post this week, but it hasn’t come yet. The trouble with inspiration seems to be that it usually occurs in the middle of the night, when there’s sleeping to be done, and then I wake up to discover I’ve forgotten the […]

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Maybe? Oh Hell Yes, Baby!

Some fragrances I like, some I loathe, and some I simply admire. But Benefit’s Maybe Baby is one I’ll have to ‘fess up to loving past all rationality.
Its petalled aroma comes across as effervescent and sweet, like apricots infused with champagne instead of juice. Maybe Baby features floral notes that include cyclamen and Himalayan poppy; […]

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Men’s Grooming, via Mr. Katie

My husband is a generally silly man, prone to the odd verbal tangent. For example -
Me: feeling snacky and rooting around in the refrigerator
Him: “Whatcha looking for?”
Me: “Oh… nothing, I guess…”
Him: “Well, that’s the best place to look for it. I never find anything in there either.”
Since I’ve been sick all week long, and haven’t […]

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Roses for my Friends

“Now are come the days of brown leaves. They fall from the trees. They flutter on the ground. When the brown leaves flutter, they are saying little things. They talk with the wind. I hear them tell of their borning days when they did come into the world as leaves. And they whisper of the […]

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Pout ~ Pout Bustier Bust Enhancing Cream

“If you want your man to drown in your lust, you must, you must, increase your bust.” So says the song I sang along with all the other girls, while listening to Lords of Acid play way too loudly when I was a teenager.
The human body is a moveable feast, but one that is […]

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Bath & Body Products from Le Couvent Des Minimes and Apivita, Michel Comte’s Shared Water, and a Book Review

Le Couvent Des Minimes ~ Orange Blossom Body Softening Cream
What a gorgeous scent. Victoria was so right about this lotion. This cream has a nice rich texture that absorbs quickly, leaving the most beautiful orange blossom and softly woody scent on me. The heavenly aroma lingers for hours after I apply. It’s a must-try […]

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Fruits & Passion ~ Solstis

Fruits & Passion Solstis is one of those scents I’d heard dismissed in the past as a fruity-floral composed in the key of bland. But curiosity got the better of me (per usual) and I decided to give it a whack anyhow, since one of the ancillary products appealed to me.
What a nice surprise! It’s […]

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The Organic Bath Co. ~ Pomegranate Fig (No. 10) Bubble Bath Petals

Oh golly, this fun little item is a conundrum to review. Let’s start with the bad, and then we’ll go to the good so you can understand why I’d probably buy this again.
The bad:

I see nothing in the ingredient list that would make this “organic.” Or for that matter, there’s nothing ALL natural about it. […]

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A Post Praising the Unperfumed

While you might think that as a perfume freak I’d be consumed with all things scented, the fact is that I prefer to be judicious in what scents my world. As a consequence, I gravitate towards certain products that, while not without smell, are without a distinct fragrance. I thought I might list some of […]

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