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The Devil Bat

While we here in the States wait to get creeped out of our skin by Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, one fragrance-themed horror flick to consider for Halloween rental is 1940’s The Devil Bat. The Devil Bat stars Bela Lugosi as Dr. Carruthers, a rather congenial seeming sociopath, who devises an aftershave that attracts […]

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Conjure and Conjecture

As you can probably tell from the lack of posting, I’m still sick and my nose still is not working properly. I blow my nose, and out pops what looks like alien larvae. It’s not a cold; It’s a full-scale space invasion. Hopefully the cruel alien overlords living in my sinuses will allow me […]

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Men’s Grooming, via Mr. Katie

My husband is a generally silly man, prone to the odd verbal tangent. For example -
Me: feeling snacky and rooting around in the refrigerator
Him: “Whatcha looking for?”
Me: “Oh… nothing, I guess…”
Him: “Well, that’s the best place to look for it. I never find anything in there either.”
Since I’ve been sick all week long, and haven’t […]

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Celebutante Perfume

Derrik J. Lang, a writer with the AP and also the blogger behind The Slug, recently asked myself and the always funny gals from Perfume Posse to weigh in with our opinions on a smattering of celebrity fragrances for ASAP: Smells like celebrity spirit.

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Made by Blog Update

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I recently had a chance to speak with Laurent Le Guernec on the phone about our Made by Blog perfume project, as we move into Round 3 of the mods for my proposed fragrance, Auxeos. You can read all about it by clicking here.
My reviews of the Round 2 Mods were posted earlier last month, […]

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Givenchy Ysatis, and the Fashion Folly of My Youth

Nothing better exemplifies the balls out, over the top glamor of the 80s than Ysatis. Ysatis was introduced by Givenchy in 1984. Ystais was created by Dominique Ropion, who went on to make a number of other perfumes for Givenchy, as well as some other rather infamously bold fragrances like Carnal Flower (F. Malle) and […]

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Dior ~ Poison

The Sisters of Mercy were one of the million or so bands I favored during my teen years. Their song “Temple of Love” was a particular fave, especially on the dance floor.
Download Temple of Love clip.mp3
This was during my “dark and interesting” phase, of which I succeeded at being neither. Like so many other […]

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I Sincerely ♥ the 80s

One of the funnier quirks of hindsight is that despite its much vaunted 20/20 vision, it turns out hindsight still suffers from glaring blindspots.
It’s too easy, and lazy, to dismiss all those infamous 80s fragrances as stentorian blasts at the nose. So they were loud. So what. Were any of ‘em good?
I would suggest that, […]

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