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This & That: Valentine Shopping, Snow, Guerlain L’Instant Iris Millesime, Fath Chasuble

Firstly, I have to share my excitement about the Valentine’s Day present I picked out for my husband. I wanted to get him something different, something new: a gift he’d never received before. He is in for the surprise of his life this year.
On February 14th, I’m going to give him The Clap!
However, if gonorrhea […]

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Warts and Not Quite All: A Brief Biography of Jacques Fath

Upon the occasion of the infamous Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog’s listing of the collected archives of Jacques Fath, I figured a brief choppy history of the man and his house might be in order. Of course, I am sure I could do a much better job of it if anyone would like to loan […]

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Jacques Fath Iris Gris

Iris Gris* was released in 1946/47, and per Bois de Jasmin is credited to Vincent Roubert. Roubert also created Green Water for Jacques Fath. (Additionally, he’s credited on work with and/or for Francois Coty, such as A Suma, L’Aimant, L’Or, and Vertige.) I’m not sure which perfumer is responsible for another Fath fragrance from the […]

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Jacques Fath Fath de Fath, cologne vintage 1953

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I once read a remark made by the guitarist Steve Vai (Frank Zappa) that he wanted to make music so good that the listener would want to crawl inside their speakers and BE the music. That? Is Fath de Fath, the original. I want to squeeze through this bottle’s tiny aperture and become it.
Now I […]

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