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V’Tae ~ 3 Eau de Parfums, Stila News, and More Benevolent Bloggers

V’Tae Parfum & Body Care promises that its products are ” made with specially selected essential oils and organic, natural ingredients” and ” 100% cruelty free & PETA approved,” on their official website. What I find are afforadable products of good quality.
Sacred Fire is a pillowy and smokey incense fragrance, with an arid base of […]

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J&E Atkinson ~ Mirra Mirra (From the I Coloniali Line)

Ach, am I ever tired. We are moving to a new house! Yay! Only it’s time consuming, and the seller’s realtor tried to pull a fast one on us at the last minute, which needless to say added to our stress levels and the legal forms we had to fill out. I am no longer […]

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Mother’s Day Fundraising

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Hello everyone! I apologize right now for the lack of advance warning, but I thought of something only this weekend a few days ago, and it has an encroaching deadline. While this post is directed specifically at fellow bloggers, I hope it will also serve as advance warning for readers?
Mother’s Day is just around the […]

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Visually Clever Ad

I tend to publicly disdain advertising I think is a hair too silly to be believed, and thought it might be nice to share an ad I actually admire. This ad for Lynx body deodorant is so well done, like a little puzzle: it looks like its going to go all porny, but then it’s […]

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CB I Hate Perfume ~ Five Fragrances

The following reviews were brought to you by my sleep deprived brain. One of my twins has an ear infection so bad that his ear drum punctured. So I was up all night with him basically. The antibiotics are finally starting to kick in for my poor little guy, but it was a rough night. […]

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Vow Fragrance ~ 2006 Eau de Parfum

Vow Fragrance somewhat follows the current trend of limited edition perfumes: each year the fragrance will change, so that what you buy this year is not the same as what you’d buy the next. Each version is intended to provide a bride with a fragrance tied directly to the year she was married, and upon […]

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Lily Lambert ~ No.s 11, 44, 55, & 77

Lily Lambert No. 11 is predominated by notes of soft gardenia and clean musk. Honeysuckle briefly shimmers across the top of it, but it dissipates quickly, leaving behind a tender shower-fresh white floral fragrance. Like the other fragrances in the line, it’s quite simple in compostion, but it should find some fans this summer as […]

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Happy Easter/Passover/Spring/3-day Weekend

I think I covered all the angles up there, right?
On Sunday, my family will gather together to worship a giant bunny rabbit. Then in chocolate communion we shall eat our god. I like to eat my god eyes first. I don’t like the feeling my chocolate bunny might be watching me eat him. My husband […]

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experiment: (ex·per·i·ment): function: transative verb: to play

Kid Carpet is a musician from the UK who I love to bits. His music would be categorized as “experimental,” but what does that really mean to anyone? To me they’re flat out good songs. His choice of instruments, however, is really unusual. Remember those battery-powered toy guitars made for little kids? Know those cheap […]

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Bath & Body Products from Le Couvent Des Minimes and Apivita, Michel Comte’s Shared Water, and a Book Review

Le Couvent Des Minimes ~ Orange Blossom Body Softening Cream
What a gorgeous scent. Victoria was so right about this lotion. This cream has a nice rich texture that absorbs quickly, leaving the most beautiful orange blossom and softly woody scent on me. The heavenly aroma lingers for hours after I apply. It’s a must-try […]

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